Whatever happened to walking away?


-This  week we have had a couple of crimes that really touched me.  Nothing is more sensual than the tender romantic relationship between a man and a woman. When that relationship takes the next step, marriage, it is hoped that beautiful things blossom from this union.

And it did, both couples went on to have children.

However, something went terribly wrong.

Here in the Philadelphia tri-state area two women are missing. Presumed dead. Presumed to have been killed by their spouses; spouses who have possession of  their children. Young children were being cared for by the father. Mom is missing. Both women have been described as devoted mothers. Mothers who would never abandon their infants and preschool children.

I know relationships can be tough. You are talking about the gelling of two personalities with different upbringings. Which may account for America’s high divorce rate. People tend to walk away when they come to an impasse.

Walking away is not a bad thing.

Walking away means no crime has been committed. Children will still have both parents alive. Parents are free to move on. Employment  is still a viable option. Family members at will, can openly see you from time to time with no embarassing restrictions.

Walking away may be just thing needed to allow both parties to regroup. I just wished these two couples had. Maybe these women would be alive, and the men would be free.


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