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The Phantom Paragrapher has given a review of Silence Is Broken.

Review: Silence is Broken – Yvonne Mikell – November 2013

Within a family can often be held a trove of secrets and lies and Silence is Broken is one of those stories as the main character Khloe discovers that her dad has been cheating on her mother , distraught with this news as she was supposed to be getting married to her fiance Xavier. Khloe’s idea of love and happiness is shattered and all she wants is to talk to her Dad and get to the bottom of this as we can gather in this book that Khloe is sort of a Daddy’s girl. Though after a whirlwind busy day, Khloe tries to get hold of her Dad only to discover he has vanished and no-one knows where he is and how to get ahold of him. Instead of searching for him though Khloe is wrapped into a world of romance and love with Xavier with a nice luxurious and extravagant weekend away and soon talks of their wedding arise and Xavier seems awfully in a hurry to get married but Khloe wants her father by her side. Can she hold off the wedding talk until she has located her father or is their something that Xavier is hiding and when Khloe finds out will she be able to still trust him or will this deception leave her believing that just like her father – ALL men are unfaithful and liars and cannot be trusted leaving her with a jaded view of love ? 
Find out all the hidden skeletons when Silence is Broken by Yvonne Mikell.

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