Marvelous Antiquity


Egyptian Hieroglyphics

On Friday I accompanied my students to the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. They marveled at the techniques used to make mummies. I marveled at the artifacts themselves. The ingredients used were natural products of the earth. The ancients utilized what was available to them, void of unnatural by products created by man. Each country built grand monuments for themselves with the hope of having made their mark in their own history books. I bet they never thought that their marvelous accomplishments would be observed and studied by people from other cultures, which leaves me to wonder what will they say about us. What will future generations say about our accomplishments? We have created the ability to communicate around the world at any given time of day or night, yet somehow we have damaged the earth. Excess plastic, excess chemicals, excess waste, and extraordinary pollution. Diseases plague our youngest members of society leading them to an early death before they reach adulthood. Sure the ancients did not have long lives, but shouldn’t we, the generation with extraordinary capabilities, have long lives? Shouldn’t our children be born disease-free?

If you are ever in the Philadelphia area you should list the Penn Museum on your tourist list. I guarantee you will enjoy it.


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