Where is all this hate coming from?

The country has seemed to have gone back in time. Excessive violence is reported everyday. For the most part law enforcement does a pretty good job of protecting the public. 

However, they have work to do. Work within their own organization.

It is time that they, introspectively, weed out the baddies. I’m referring to those cops who probably are good producers by any means necessary. Those cops who are outwardly biased yet their superiors allow them to stay on the force because they, seemingly, solve cases.

However, the Innocence Project knows all about those seemingly solved cases. They work tirelessly exonerating the wrongly convicted. The horror stories they have uncovered! Biased stories that became permanent record. 

Law enforcement is not the only governing body guilty of bias so is our Congress.

These so-called elected professional politicians are quite bias. Shamefully it has come to light these last eight years. I had heard about the ‘ good old boys club’s but to see it in action was disheartening to say the least. Their behavior opened up a can of worms. 

The following individual is no longer a congressman, nevertheless he voiced his threatening opinions on the social media outlet Twitter. 

Former congressman defends Obama tweet


Ten years ago no one would have dared openly threaten the President of the United States, this guy would have been jailed. His behavior speaks to the lack of respect for people of color. It is as if we-African Americans, as a people, are kept in a box that others do not want us to leave. When we attempt to rise to the next level, attempt to move beyond that box, others react in a most violent way.  

Like it or not America, African Americans are people who don’t want to stay in the box you have provided. Killing us will not stop us from leaving.
On a lighter note, check out @djones1509’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/djones1509/status/752126279412056065?s=09


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